CAMRA Young Members

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CAMRA, the CAMpaign for Real Ale, is extremely proud of its hugely diverse membership.

Around 100 000 individuals of all ages, backgrounds and both sexes enjoy their CAMRA membership.

With over 6% of the total national membership being aged between 18 - 30 years old, it was felt that a section of this website should be dedicated to show the activities of this thriving group of Young CAMRA Members.

This page is here to help you find out more about CAMRAs Young Members

Youll find out about the Young Members Task Group (YMG), CAMRA Affiliated Membership, how you can get in touch with your local Branch Young Members Contact (BYMC), what social events Young Members will be attending and how you can get involved.

What is the Young Members Group (YMG) and what do they do?

The YMG was formed to campaign on issues that affect Young CAMRA Members and to promote and encourage the drinking of Real Ale among young people (in this context "young" means the 18 - 30 age group).

We also encourage Young Members and young people to join in with the numerous social activities that are organised nationwide as well as getting Young Members to become more involved in CAMRA at local, regional and national levels.

The YMG has a committee, which is made up of younger members. The Young Members Group Committee (YMGC) have a responsibility to reflect the interests of all Young Members.

We hold four YMGC meetings a year (see the Young Members Diary for details of the next YMGC meeting ), where we discuss issues that matter to Young CAMRA Members. Our YMGC meetings always have a set agenda and a level of business we have to get through on matters that affect Young CAMRA Members. These meetings are usually carried out much more quickly than most other CAMRA meetings because we try to keep our meetings lively and interesting and we have a deadline of 4pm.

We all enjoy the social side of the campaign too (because its not all work, work, work), so we go on very informal pub-crawls of the local city/town after each of the meetings - not always knowing what pub were going to next because our guides are local Young Members. These pub crawls leave the meeting venue at 4.30pm.

All Young Members are welcome to attend the meeting or pub-crawl if theyre unable to make it to both and young non-members are welcome to join us on the pub crawls. The YMG is also here to help Young Members and young people if they want to set up a Real Ale Society in their University.

Contact details of the YMGC members can be downloaded from the Young Members Section of the CAMRA web-site.

Have you ever thought of joining CAMRA?

If the Answer is no, then why not?
Its boring and made up of smelly old men with beards and beer-bellies who wear bobble hats, anoraks, woolly jumpers and sandals!
If this is your view, have a look at the pictures of young people from all over the UK enjoying CAMRA trips and events.

How much does it cost to join CAMRA?

For all young people under 26 years old, the full UK membership rate of £18 (£21 Joint) per annum, is reduced to £10 (£13 joint), reflecting CAMRAs commitment and determination to attract younger members. If you join by Direct Debit, youll get 15 months membership for the price of 12. Further discounted rates are available if youre a member of a University Real Ale Society that takes advantage of Affiliated Membership.

Affiliated Membership:

Affiliated Membership is open to University Real Ale Societies.
Details about Affiliated Membership and Affiliated Membership rates are available from Tony Jerome (details below).

  • Do you want to set up a Real Ale Society?
    • We can give advice on how to approach the powers that be in your University in order to set up a Real Ale Society.
  • Does your Student Union Bar serve Real Ale?
    • CAMRA can help by providing information about Real Ale in a Bottle and breweries that can supply small casks of Real Ales, as well as providing help, information and advice on other issues. Your local CAMRA Branch Members will be able to suggest good Real Ale pubs in your area.
  • Are you part of a Real Ale Society at University?
    • Affiliated CAMRA Membership could be what your University Real Ale Society is looking for and will really benefit your society members. Ask Tony Jerome about affiliation and he will tell you about the merits and incentives that this new scheme has to offer!

For full details on affiliation, phone Tony Jerome on 01727 867201, or E-mail him at

How can I get involved?

There is a CAMRA Young Members Google Group. The Google Group was set up as a discussion group so that Young CAMRA Members can air their views about subjects related to their membership, including Young Members social events and CAMRA policy, as well as talking about pubs, breweries, beery news. Just E-mail Gus Manning (the Chairman of the YMGC) at to request to join.

To get involved with Young Members social events in the East Midlands Region, just E-mail or phone your local Branch Young Members Contact (BYMC) to find out what events are being organised for Young Members, and then turn up - it really is that easy.

The whole of the UK is covered by local Branches of CAMRA, who should be in the process of finding local volunteers to become a BYMC. This person works alongside the local Branch Membership Secretary and Social Secretary and is responsible for organising trips and events for Young Members in the local Branch area.

If youre already an active Young Member within your Branch, you could consider standing for the role of BYMC in your local Branch. There are 7 Regional Young Persons Membership Co-ordinators (RYPMCs) and almost 50 BYMCs nationwide, the East Midlands Region has a RYPMC and also has 7 Branches with a BYMC, so contact your Branch Chairman or Branch Committee if youd like to stand for the post of BYMC in your local Branch.

Contact details of all BYMCs and RYPMCs can be downloaded from here.

The BYMCs in the East Midlands Region are:

Chesterfield BYMC - Kathy Shorrock, e-mail Chesterfield BYMC, Chesterfield Branch web-site Derby Chairman Daniel Cramp.

Derby BYMC - Post Vacant Email

Fenlands BYMC - Darren Birley, phone 07766 893431.

Leicester BYMC - Sarah Bailey, phone 0116 282 3841, e-mail Leicester BYMC, Leicester Branch web-site Young Members Page.

Mansfield & Ashfield BYMC - Justine Wilkinson, phone 07843 080065, e-mail Mansfield & Ashfield BYMC.

Northamptonshire BYMC - Steve Elliot, phone 01933 276600, e-mail Northamptonshire BYMC.

Nottingham BYMC - Nigel Johnson, e-mail Nottingham BYMC.

In addition to BYMCs the East Midlands, Greater London, the South West, the West Midlands, South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire also have Regional Young Persons Membership Co-ordinators (RYPMC) who liaise with the BYMCs. The regional contacts invite all Young Members in those regions to larger social events.

The RYPMC for the East Midlands is Gus Manning (pictured second from left above), e-mail EM RYPMC or phone 01623 471774.

Contact details of all BYMCs, RYPMCs and members of the Young Members Group Committee can be downloaded from the Young Members Section of the CAMRA web-site.

Young Members Social Events

Details of pub-crawls, working socials and other social events that are organised by and for Young CAMRA Members, can be found in the Young Members Diary page of the Young Members Section of the national CAMRA web-site.

Just contact the person organising the event and then turn up - it really is that easy! Come and join us on our social events in the East Midlands.

Were a friendly, usually mildly inebriated, bunch of Young Real Ale Drinkers who always enjoy good beer, good company and a good day out.

Most of our events are open to members and non-members.

Please feel free to attend any Young Members events nationwide. Dont forget that CAMRA members get a discount at Express by Holiday Inn, check out the Members Section of the CAMRA web-site.

The Young Members section of the national CAMRA web-site can be accessed here

Contact us:

With suggestions and input from Young Members and young people, we hope this page will grow into a more informative and exciting part of the website.

  • Want more information on any of the issues covered in this Young Members page?
  • Have ideas for subjects youd like to see on this page?
  • Want to get involved but youre too shy?

Please contact:

The Young Members Group (YMG) Committee


Gus Manning, East Midlands Young Persons Membership Co-ordinator.
e-mail or phone 01623 471774 or 07734 084083.


For more information about any aspects of Affiliated Membership and setting up a University Real Ale Society, please contact:

Tony Jerome, Membership Marketing Manager at CAMRA HQ.

e-mail or phone 01727 867201.