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Thank you trip

The Festival Volunteers trip to Chester, originally planned for the 16th of May, has been postponed but I am sure this does not come as a surprise to you. When CAMRA Nationally & locally communicated to all that we are putting social activities on hold we were able to agree to postpone the trip with the Coach Company, they are going to work with us in the hope that we can consider running the trip later in the year, this follows that we are under the guidance of our Government in keeping us all safe.

The Festival Organiser remains contactable if anyone would like to talk on Festival matters, our Branch Chairman, Greg, is communicating to all locally using social media and emails as we all look to do our best to support each other, please take good care of yourself and hope to see you all soon.

Once a new date to make the trip is possible, maybe Sept or October, if this does not suit an individual then of course you can have the deposit you gave refunded, your place can then go to the first on the reserve list but let us be positive and all look forward in the hope of a trip to Chester.


Beer, Cider, Mead, Gin & Rum


This year we will feature bars from Blue Monkey, Navigation, Peak Ales and Totally Brewed.
There will also be a craft ales bar featuring some interesting tipples from keykeg.
Program (14Mb)

World Beer

Once again we will have a world beer bar serving exotic delights from across the globe.


There will be a dedicated cider bar offering a wide range of ciders. Click here for a Cider List.


Mercian Mead will again be running a mead bar.

Gin and Rum

Once again Blue Monkey will be running a gin and rum bar in the Carriage Room.


♫ Entertainment ♫

Wednesday 19th
Cranberry Flick 7 piece Swing, Jive, Rhythm & Blues band.

Thursday 20th
Unforgiven Good Time Rock cover band.
Verbal Warning Old skool punk. The spirit of 1977!

Friday 21st
The Hot Dogs A dynamic brass band that peform funk and pop covers in a New orleans street style.
Indie Division a classic indie cover band doing great songs from the golden era - The Smiths, Stone Roses, Oasis, Shed Seven, Buzzcocks and many more.
J - Quad Pop, Rock & Soul.

Saturday 22nd
Rugby the 6 nations rugby will be shown in the venue. 14:15 Italy -v- Scotland and 16:45 Wales -v- France.
The Hot Dogs A dynamic brass band that peform funk and pop covers in a New orleans street style.
The Newcranes Derby based Folk-Rock band frequently compared to the Levellers and other contemporary folk-rock groups..


If you have any feedback please send this to us



Derby CAMRA are pround of the assistance that can be given to charity through the beer festival and here are some details of how charities have been assissted by the Derby Winter Beer Festival.

During the 2018 beer festival a number of charities were collecting and we are again very proud of the contribution you made to each.
Derby Daybreak, who support RNIB and DART raised £3703.20.



Please find old programs for the Derby Winter Beer Festival. Please note the file size when downloading or viewing. Programs from the Derby Summer Beer Festival can be found on the associated page.

16th Derby Winter Beer Festival 2020 (14Mb)
15th Derby Winter Beer Festival 2019 (8Mb)
14th Derby Winter Beer Festival 2018 (10Mb)
13th Derby Winter Beer Festival 2017 (5Mb)

19th National Winter Ales Festival 2016 (13Mb)
18th National Winter Ales Festival 2015 (13Mb)
17th National Winter Ales Festival 2014 (10Mb)

12th Derby Winter Beer Festival 2013 (5Mb)
11th Derby Winter Beer Festival 2012 (6Mb)
10th Derby Winter Beer Festival 2011 (5Mb)
9th Derby Winter Beer Festival 2010 (5Mb)
8th Derby Winter Beer Festival 2009 (5Mb)
7th Derby Winter Beer Festival 2008 (5Mb)
6th Derby Winter Beer Festival 2007 (5Mb)
5th Derby Winter Beer Festival 2006 (5Mb)
4th Derby Winter Beer Festival 2005 (5Mb)


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Last updated 20th February 2021