Derby City Charter Summer Beer Festival

Derby City Charter Summer Beer Festival

2017 saw Derby CAMRA's 40th City Charter Beer Festival, like all those before it proved to be a very successful event attracting around 10,000 visitors, it is a popular feature of summer in Derby.  

Along with our Winter Ales Festival, held at the Roundhouse in Pride Park, we are always looking at ways to improve the experience for all involved.  

After 40 years it is time for change, rather than have two very similar events, a number of ideas have been discussed to provide a slightly different summer event to celebrate Derby's reputation for excellent beer.

The City Charter Beer Festival would not have been so successful without the contribution, not just of the hundreds of volunteers who organise and run it, but also the help and co-operation of Derby City Council and Derby Live.  Derby CAMRA has continued to meet with both of these organisations to discuss new possibilities.  Both Derby Live and the City Council have been enthusiastic and helpful but it has not proved possible to find a suitable date and venue for summer 2018 so therefore, unfortunately, we will not be organising a Beer Festival this summer. 

Discussions will continue with the City Council and we hope and expect to be back in 2019.



During the 2017 (40th) festival a number of charities helped us out and raised money for their respective causes. So a big thnk you to all who donated and below is the totals raised.

Britsh Heart Foundation - £158.74












Derby Mountain Rescue - £882.17








For further information contact the acting Chairman, Russ Gilbert  on 07909 967142 or email