CAMRA Annual General Meetings


Annual General Meeting and National Weekend - National

The proposed AGM in April Sheffield in 2021 has been cancelled due to the on-going pandemic. However, a virtual AGM will be held over the same dates, 16-18th April 2021.

Remote voting for AGM resolutions and the election of members to the National Executive has been possible for several years and this process will continue for 2021. It is also hoped to stage an interactive Conference, along with additional oppotunities to vote on Conference motions.
Make sure that you have registered your interest for the virtual event on the
main CAMRA website.



Annual General Meeting - Branch

The branch are discussing holding an AGM around April 2021 and probably in a virtual sense. Please contact the secretary for details/motions/comments.


Annual General Meeting - Ashbourne

The Ashbourne AGM will be held at the end of May 2021. See the Ashbourne CAMRA website for more details.


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Last updated 13th February 2021