Derby and the surrounding area is gifted with numerous breweries producing real ale for the local area and wider audience. This page gives information on the breweries and links to their own web pages, so you can find more information. Links are shown in blue.

Derby City

Brunswick (Brew Pub) - brewery based at the Brunswick Inn on Railway Terrace, Derby since June 1991. The brewery is situated to the back of the pub and can be viewed from the corridor leading to the smoking area.

Dancing Duck (Microbrewery) - a brewery based in the West End of Derby. Their beers can always be found in Derby at the Exeter Arms.

Derby Brewing Co (Microbrewery) - brewery based in the Chaddesden area of Derby. Beers can be found at the Tap on Derwent Street, the Greyhound on Ashbourne Road and the Hole in the Wall in Mickleover.

Falstaff (Brew Pub) - brewery based at the Falstaff pub in the Normanton area of Derby. All beers can be found at the pub and also the Pot Hole in Allestree. Beers also common around the Free Trade, especially the Babington Arms, who normally have a special house beer.

Furnace :(Brew Pub) - small brewery based at the Furnace Inn on Duke Street and related to the Shiny Brewery in Little Eaton; see below.

Hartshorns (Microbrewery) - a microbrewery based on Alfreton Road, Derby. They run the Little Chester Alehouse on Chester Green, Derby, which is the best place to find their beer.

Littleover (Microbrewery) - a microbrewery based in the Osmaston district of Derby. Changed hands in early 2020 and now associated with the No189 micropub in Allestree.

Mr Grundys Brewery (Brew Pub) - a small brewery based at Mr Grundys Tavern on Ashbourne Road, Derby. The brewery is visible through the window in the garden.

RBA Brewery (Microbrewery) - a very small brewery based in Oakwood, Derby. There beers can be found occasionally the the Smithfield in Derby and the Sawley Junction in Sawley/Long Eaton.


Derby CAMRA Area

Black Hole(Microbrewery) - brewery formally near Burton on Trent and now based on a small industrial estate in Little Eaton.

Boot Beer (Brew Pub) - the Boot can be found in the centre of the historic town of Repton, just a short walk from Repton Cross. The brewery is based in a small building at the back of the pub.

John Thompson (Brew Pub) - a long established brew pub based at the John Thompson Inn in Ingleby.

Morgans Brewhouse (Brew Pub) - brewery based at the Spirit Vaults in Melbourne.

Shiny Brewing (Microbrewery) - brewery formally based at the Furnace Inn on Duke Street, now based in Little Eaton.


Former Breweries

Derventio (Microbrewery) - taking its name from the old Roman name for Derby, Derventio started in 2006 in Little Chester. The brewery has expanded over time and is now based in the Darley Abbey area of Derby. Wound up at the end of 2020.

Middle Earth :(Mircobrewery)
A microbrewery sharing the brew plant at the Rowditch pub in Derby. Currently not brewing.

Rowditch (Brew Pub) - a small brewery based in the yard at the back of the Rowditch on Uttoxeter Road, Derby. Closed with the pub in August 2020.

Shardlow (Microbrewery)
A well established brewery based on the edge of Shardlow and actually in Leicestershire. Closed and relocated to the Spirit Vaults in Melbourne.


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Last updated 24th January 2021