Derby CAMRA Winter Beer Festival


The 14th Derby Winter Beer Festival took place from the 21st to the 24th February 2018 at the Roundhouse in Derby. We hope to be back in 2019 at the same venue.



During the beer festival a number of charities were collecting and we are again very proud of the contribution you made to each.

Derby Daybreak, who support RNIB and DART raised £3703.20.


If you have any feedback please send this to us or come to the WashUp meeting at the Station Inn, Derby on 3rd April starting at 20:00 (8pm).



Getting There

The Roundhouse venue is part of the Derby College complex situated on the Eastern side of Derby Railway Station. If arriving by train use the Pride Park exit from the over-bridge. Click here to open Google Maps Roundhouse.

Free buses will be provided leaving Derby Exeter Bridge at 12:00 (Thur & Fri) and 11:00 (Sat) and then every half an hour until 22:00, calling outside the bus station (stop C8) a few minutes later. The first bus on Wednesday will be 17:00. Buses return from the festival at xx:15 and xx:45, the last buses being 22:45, 23:10 and 23:30.
Note: On Wenesday before and after the Derby football match, buses will be diverted to the front of the Railway Station.

Arriva also operate Route 4/4A between the bus station the back of the Roundhouse. Alight at the Roundhouse Way stop. There is a short cut opposite the stop which takes you to the front of the Roundhouse.