Pub of the Year 2019

Derby CAMRA are pleased to announce the finalists of the 2019 Derby Pub of the Year competition. The competition starts with all Derby CAMRA members being invited to vote for their favourite pubs. These results are then collated to create a final short list. Judges are then sought, again from CAMRA members, to assess each pub against a set of crieria such as beer quality, alighment with CAMRA principals, community focus and service. The results from all judges are then collected and the winner for each category discovered. In addition the scores for the City and Country are considered to give the overall winner. The overall winner will then go forward to the regional competition. The results for the Derby CAMRA area are:

City Finalists: Alexandra Hotel, Furnace Inn and Smithfield

Country Winner: Chip and Pin at Melbourne, Royal Oak at Ockbrook and Town Street Tap at Duffield

Clubs: Vicory Club, Village Club (Spondon) and Mickleover Sports Club.

Previous Years

Pub of the Year 2018

Pub of the Year 2018

Overall Winner: Smithfield

City Winner: Smithfield
City Finalists: Alexandra Hotel and Rowditch

Country Winner: Town Street Tap, Duffield
Country Finalists: Royal Oak, Ockbrook and Cip & Pin, Melbourne

Pub of the Year 2017

Pub of the Year 2017

Overall Winner: Brunswick Inn

City Winner: Brunswick Inn
City Finalists: Falstaff and Alexandra Hotel

Country Winner: Royal Oak, Ockbrook
Country Finalists: Town Street Tap, Duffield and Cip & Pin, Melbourne