Mild Trail 2012

Mild Trail 2012

May is the month where CAMRA campaign for mild so what's going on in the Derby & Amber Valley Area this year?

We're here with our own Mild Guide for 2012 to put a spotlight on the pubs in our area that will be having mild on the bar for you to enjoy. There are 22 participating pubs, 11 in Derby and 11 in the Amber valley area.

We've provided you with a list of them, their opening times, locations and when they'll have mild on in May so that you can go out and sample what's on offer.  There will be a number of Branch Social events in May (see diary section & website for details) that will visit many of the pubs listed here but obviously you can go it alone and 'take a walk on the mild side' whenever you fancy.

If this isn't enough to keep you busy there are also Mild Trails in Nottingham and Erewash, see the Nottingham Drinker for details.

We would encourage you to use the form provided to record what mild you drank where and return it to us in order to receive a complimentary pint at the 2012 Derby Summer Beer Festival (see the form for further details of how to complete it, where to return it and criteria for receiving the complimentary drink).

We are also going to present awards for the Best Mild Pub and also the Best Mild, voting is also done by completing the form provided here in Derby Drinker.

Within Derby city centre many of the pubs are within walking distance of one another.  The others are all accessible using public transport and we've tried to indicate which service. Don't forget the Trent single and group Zigzag and Arriva Day Saver tickets if you're making multiple journeys. For a greater discount remember to show your CAMRA card for the Zigzag Play tickets. See Trent buses for more info,

Most importantly, Please Don't Drink and Drive.

The small print... please note that all details are as accurate as they can be at the point of publishing the guide. All beer is subject to availability so please bear with the pubs at busy times and be understanding if mild runs out.  Also pub circumstances can change so if no mild is available, please accept CAMRA's apologies.  We can only do so much!

What is Mild?... Mild is a traditional British beer (called light in Scotland) often made with darker crystal malts and less hops than bitter beers, it is usually 3% to 3.5% ABV and lower in strength than best bitters.

History of mild... Mild was developed in the 18th and 19th centuries as an alternative to porter and stout and at one point became the most popular style of beer in Britain. It was generally drunk by industrial and agricultural workers to refresh them after long hours of labour but was eventually overtaken by bitter in the 1950's. Early milds were much stronger than the modern versions.

What can you expect in your glass?

When considering what mild might taste like you need to think about rich malty aromas and flavours with hints of dark fruit, chocolate, coffee and caramel with a gentle underpinning of hop bitterness. Slight toffee or butterscotch flavours may also be noted.

In general milds range between black to dark brown to pale amber in colour and come in a variety of styles from warming roasty ales to sit in front of a log fire with to light and refreshing thirst quenchers.

If you've never had mild before please give it a go you might be mildly surprised ! (no apologies for the pun)

Acknowledgements: This wouldn't have got this off the ground without the help & advice of Dave Mason of Nottingham Branch and Trevor Spencer's hard work in Amber Valley. Finally, a big thank you to the publicans & brewers who have joined us in promoting mild and making this Guide possible. Dean Smith.


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Published on 19/04/2012