Pulling Together

CAMRA and SIBA have launched a Pulling Together campaign.

Pubs, clubs, breweries and taprooms are hugely affected by the Coronavirus and many are facing tough times ahead. In conjunction with the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), CAMRA has launched the Pulling Together campaign. This gives consumers and CAMRA members some easy steps to suport their local pubs and breweries.

There are three main areas in the campaign - Web Information (including Brew2You), Crowdfunder and Online Pub.

Please follow the NHS advice for the public which can be found at NHS CONVID-19 Advice.


Web Information

CAMRA have setup a webpage to promote the campaign at Pulling Together.

Derby CAMRA List

Derby CAMRA will endeavour to keep a list of local pubs, clubs, breweries and taprooms offering services. This includes businesses outside Derby CAMRA but nearby.
Please contact the establishment concerned to check their hours, terms of payment and any special distancing measures that may be in place.


Pubs and Clubs

The government have now announced that pubs and clubs may open from the 4th July with a reduced social distancing of 1m providing mitigations are in place. We have tried to collate a list of establishments opening which is attached below.
Due to the very fuid nature of the situation please check with your desired venue as to their exact opening details.

Since all establishments need to have risk mitigation measures in place, please be patient, please listen to staff and read signs and please stay safe. It will be different for all of us but hopefully we can now enjoy good real ale, cider and perry in the our favourite pubs and clubs.

PDFPubs Opening

Please email the pubsofficer@derbycamra.org.uk if you have any updates.


WhatPub has now been updated with opening information. Please use the "Additional Services" filter.


CAMRA have also now setup up an App called Brew2You, to allow an easy search for loacl beer, cider and perry nearby available to order by delivery and or collections. This is available on iPhone or Android platforms through the associated App store or via the Brew2You website.
Suppliers, whether they be pubs or breweries are also encouraged to register their services on the Brew2You site.

Weblink: Brew2You.


Re-Opening Ideas

Derby CAMRA are collecting ideas about re-opening within the current social distancing restrictions, which we hope everyone will find useful.

Marquee Hire

The key to social distancing is to provide space and, given the British Summer climate, covered space. It may be possible to errect a marquee or similar in open space adjacent to the premises.
Crockers are offering possible deals for establishments that wish to hire marquees. Contact them at Crockers or 07973 852362.



The fundraising website www.crowdfunder.co.uk have launched Pay It Forward. It is a capaign for the general public to pay a little now and support the pubs they love. In return, venues could offer pints or meals for future redemption.
It is easy for landlords or owners to setup and Crowdfunder are paying all the fees so it is 100% free to do.
For more information follow Pay It Forward.


Online Pub

It is recognised that a lot of CAMRA members will be missing the social side of going down the pub or club, so CAMRA will be using the hashtag #pullingtogether on social media to take the pub online.

Derby CAMRA are periodically also meeting at the virtual Derby (Stay)Inn hosted through the Zoom application. See the Socials page.

Last updated: 4th July 2020.