Coronavirus - CONVID-19

Pulling Together

CAMRA and SIBA have launched a Pulling Together campaign.

Pubs, clubs, breweries and taprooms are hugely affected by the Coronavirus and many are facing tough times ahead.
In conjunction with the Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA), CAMRA is launching the Pulling Together campaign. This gives consumers and CAMRA members some easy steps to spuurt their local pubs and breweries.

There are three main areas in the campaign - Web Information, Crowdfunder and Online Pub.


Web Information

CAMRA have setup a webpage to promote the campaign at Pulling Together.

CAMRA are setting up an online directory of pubs, clubs, breweries and taprooms offering takeaway, delivery or online services.
The website will also feature the latest official advice and guidance for pubs, clubs, breweries and taprooms.

Derby CAMRA will endeavour to keep a list of local pubs, clubs, breweries and taprooms offering services as shown below.
Please email the if you have any updates.

  • Alexandra Hotel, Siddals Road, Derby. Take-away real ale.
  • Smithfield, Meadow Road, Derby. Take-away real ale.



The fundraising website have launched Pay It Forward. It is a capaign for the general public to pay a little now and support the pubs they love. In return, venues could offer pints or meals for future redemption.
It is easy for landlords or owners to setup and Crowdfunder are paying all the fees so it is 100% free to do.
For more information follow Pay It Forward.


Online Pub

It is recognised that a lot of CAMRA members will be missing the social side of going down the pub or club, so CAMRA will be using the hashtag #pullingtogether on social media to take the pub online.