From The Chair

Once again the clock has ticked forward another year and here we are at the beginning of 2019. So much has been accomplished since the Branch AGM back in April 2018 and our successes have been many. It is now hoped that we attract more members to the branch (young and all ages) and that we can get more Branch members volunteering for different events and positions within the Branch.

Winter Beer Festival

Our Winter Beer Festival is just around the corner! We are in need of volunteers for all kinds of jobs. There is a very BIG need for cellar team members. You would be most welcome in any role you would like to undertake. If you can help us please contact us at: as soon as possible. We are hoping to put a team together and provide some training before the festival, as time is at a premium once set up starts. The online volunteer form is now available. Go to the Derby CAMRA website or Volunteering Form.

It should be added that if you are reading this and you are not a member of Derby CAMRA or even a CAMRA member you are still more than welcome to join us as a volunteer. I guarantee you will be very welcome and you will have an enjoyable experience.

We are a branch with over 3,400 members and I would ask all members to please support the Winter Beer Festival and other Branch activities because if we don’t volunteer and support Branch activities we will lose them over time as the people that are currently doing them can’t go on forever. It’s always fantastic to get new blood in on something as well and events and activities can develop… so please consider and I hope to see you in action at the Winter Beer Festival on the 20th – 23 February 2019 at The Round House.

This year’s Beer Festival is going to be an experience with all sorts of great entertainment and activities. Just a small snapshot of the Entertainment:

Thursday 21st – ELVIS FANCY DRESS NIGHT – Yes, a world class Elvis will entertainer (Rik Gaynor) will entertain us on this evening.
Saturday 23rd – WWII, 50’s and 60’s Pop Music Afternoon

There will be loads of tribute bands, jugglers, magicians, roving musicians and I will be contributing some jazz piano in the afternoons. So watch for further exact details of acts, times… and get you Elvis costume ready!

Social Side of Things

The social calendar is developing fast and there will be much detail on our website for future events and pub crawls. All social events will be listed on our social media pages and we will get information out via Comms. Congratulations to Richard Gorham (our new Social Secretary) for hitting the ground running.

The Future

Before we know it the AGM in April will be here. Please consider any and all the roles for the Elected Committee. We want to build continuity and having an “understudy” for each role would be great as this would enable you to learn the role over a period of time. The future depends on all of us getting involved.

Branch Meetings

The Branch meetings have taken on an excellent atmosphere with entertainment, engaging speakers and of course friendship and fellowship. Loads of great ideas coming from the membership as we continue to be a branch that is “membership driven.” I can’t thank everyone enough for your input at meetings and the great ideas we acted upon such as the Cider Saunter, ideas for the Winter Beer Festival to name a few.

The next Branch meeting is very important as we are going to be discussing various ideas from the membership on what to do about the Derby City Charter Summer Beer Festival. As was said by Heather Knibbs (Our incredible Young Members Sec) we are now starting with a clean slate so all ideas welcome. Please let a member of the Elected Committee know any ideas you may have and we will discuss these ideas at our next Committee meeting and bring them forward to the next Branch Meeting 10th January 2019 at The Village Club Spondon, 8PM with recommendations.

Last But Not Least - Jok

On behalf of the Branch I would like to thank John (Jok) Arguile for his amaizing contribution over many, many years to Derby CAMRA. Recently Jok has done incredible work as our Branch Treasurer. He has fulfilled this role with a standard that is beyond reproach. Jok has also been in charge of advertising for DD and has realised the Branch an excellent income in this role that has enabled us to keep going and do the things we do.

Personally, Jok has been a very good adviser and has always encouraged me to develop things within the Branch. He speaks from much experience having held a number of positions within the Branch and also has been a past Chairman. Jok has been and is a friend to a great number of Branch members and his dedication to the cause of CAMRA and the Branch is unquestionable. Putting it simply – Jok sets the standard all of us should aspire to.

Once again, thank you Jok for all you have done and we hope you find some relaxation now that you have “retired’ from being Treasurer of the Branch.

Okay, This is Last But Not Least

As Chair and on behalf of the Elected Committee I wish everyone a very prosperous 2019.

Yours in Derby CAMRA

Greg Maskalick / CHAIR