Brewery History

This page seeks to give information on former breweries in the Derby CAMRA area including information on the brewery buildings.

Alton & Co

Offices extant on the Wardwick which became the Wardwick pub in 1969.


A microbrewery taking its name from the old Roman name for Derby, Derventio started in 2006 in Little Chester. The brewery has expanded over time and is now based in the Darley Abbey area of Derby. Wound up at the end of 2020.

Flamingo & Firkin — Beckett Street, Derby

Started in December 1988 at 1-7 Beckett Street, Derby as part of the nationwide Firkin chain of brewpubs which started in London. The Flamingo for a while was one of only two Firkin pubs outside London, the other being in Manchester. Brewing stopped in 1999. The building still stands [2023] and has since been a nightclub, but is currently disused. The Hairy Dog pub now occupies the adjacent site.

Middle Earth

A microbrewery sharing the brew plant at the Rowditch pub in Derby. Stopped brewing with the closure of the Rowditch pub in August 2020.


Founded in 1876 and closed in 1966 following the aquisition by Charrington Breweries. The brewery on Ambrose Street/Normanton Road has gone entirely and it is doubtful if the original Vine brewhouse behind the former eponymous pub on Whitaker Street still stands. The Vine pub is now residential.
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Small brewery based in the yard at the back of the Rowditch on Uttoxeter Road, Derby. Closed with the pub in August 2020.


A well established brewery based on the edge of Shardlow and actually in Leicestershire. Closed and relocated to the Spirit Vaults in Melbourne in 2020.


Maltings only exist off Ashbourne Road (now flats) visible from Merchant Street.
Stretton's Kedleston Road/Sherwin Street is the best remaining example of an old tower brewery in Derby. Beer brewing ceased in 1916 and vinegar brewing began, continuing into the 1980s.


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Last updated 2nd July 2023